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You Ought to Be in Pictures: Cameo Glass Products

With photo sharing more popular than ever, thanks to the ubiquity pf social media, making your photos stand out has become more and more difficult. Cameo, LLC is on a mission to change that, with a carefully curated selection of glass-print products that allows anyone to turn his or her wedding, travel, family, celebratory, and other photos into long-lasting keepsakes.


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Cameo was founded in Lexington, Kentucky, in 2005 by Nick Herbert-Jones, who had been working in technologies for printing graphics on three-dimensional, shaped parts. Seeing an opportunity to serve the growing gift market through digital printing, he began researching prints on glass. He worked with his vendors to develop Cameo’s own proprietary printing method, which allowed the company to launch a range of highly personalized products.


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Currently, Cameo—which sources most of its glass products and completes all production in the United States—specializes in five products: flat and curved glass prints, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe cutting boards, trays, and ornaments. “Our new product developments have often come from gift stores, who tend to know what works well for their stores and are often creative thinkers,” Herbert-Jones shares. Cameo’s products are strong sellers among women, primarily, Nick believes, because women have a better understanding of what makes a meaningful gift, and they also frequently possess a keen eye for design—and know just how to position one or more Cameo prints with backlighting, to ensure that the photos make a vibrant, glowing décor display.

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“Cameo Glass if for those special-moment images—weddings, newborns, kids and grandparents, team gatherings, celebrations, awards,” Herbert-Jones says. Though the products are currently in limited distribution via independent gift stores, awards companies, and Cameo’s own retail website, the holidays should bring a whole new audience, as customers begin the hunt for novel holiday gifts that can be personalized for each recipient.


Find out more about Cameo Glass on the company’s website, or click here to inquire about becoming a wholesaler.


—Robin Catalano 



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