Lotus Ruby Necklace 18k gold vermeil Lisa Anderson

The New Bohemian: Lisa Anderson Studio Jewelry

Mix a bit of Eastern symbolism with retro shapes, color-drenched semiprecious gemstones, and a bit of rock ’n’ roll flair, and you get the handcrafted jewelry designs of Massachusetts-based Lisa Anderson. An avid traveler from an early age, Anderson first became smitten with jewelry while on a trip with her parents to India. She began collecting pieces on subsequent travels, and during and after college, took a series of design classes with master jewelers. She eventually left her job of 13 years with the American Refugee Committee to devote herself full-time to jewelry design.

Lotus Ruby Necklace 18k gold vermeil Lisa Anderson

While Anderson has always worked with simple yet dramatic geometric shapes and symbolic elements on her pendants, in recent years she’s focused on streamlining her collection to a few dozen classic-with-a-twist pieces that women can wear with practically any outfit. “We have so many choices in our culture,” Anderson notes. “I was starting to go down that path, too, adding on and on to pieces, creating new ones. But streamlining is important. People are really drawn to shapes and symbols. And when I focus on a selection of styles and materials, I can reproduce anything I have on my site over and over. I’m never scrambling to make something.”

Anderson’s necklaces and earrings, made from sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil, and semiprecious stones, are simple in design but often rich in meaning. Her signature lotus blossom, eternal knot, and compass pendants form the focal points on strands of carefully chosen stones—emeralds and rubies are current favorites—and her earrings feature nature-based symbols or elongated or twisted hoops. “A simple, bold geometric really makes a statement,” Anderson explains. “They bring attention to the face, not the earring, and also look great with the pendants, which are more elaborate.” Especially in an era when matchy-matchy pieces are considered a fashion faux pas, Anderson’s approach to creating complementary yet different styles resonates with many women.

60s hoop 18k gold vermeil Lisa Anderson

Hammered Hoops 18k gold vermeil Lisa Anderson


Remarkably, while Anderson’s profile has grown over the past decade, her prices have remained affordable, especially for jewelry that is crafted element by element by the designer herself. Anderson has a keen eye for the gold, silver, and gemstone markets, purchasing as much raw material as she can at lower prices, and passing along those savings to her customers; collection pieces generally fall between $68 and $180, while custom pieces range higher, depending on the materials. She says, “To me, it’s very simple. I love buying handcrafted items, but I don’t buy superexpensive pieces. I want customers to be able to afford my jewelry, to wear it every day instead of feeling like they’re priceless items they should lock away and only take out for special occasions.”

Emerald Compass Necklace 18k gold vermeil

To view more designs, visit the Lisa Anderson Studio website. Or e-mail Lisa Anderson for wholesale information.

-Robin Catalano

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