S’well Bottles are Critically Acclaimed

Here’s what S’well Bottle users have to say about these bottles:

“No one paid me a nickel to say this, I say it because it is true. S’well makes the greatest bottle that has ever touched my pink and beautiful lips. I have no idea how it keeps liquid so cold for so long, but it does. When I die, I would like my ashes to be stored in a S’well bottle.”

– Jimmy Kimmel

“S’well was a great partnership for us. Not only did one of our members, Cynthia Vincent, have the opportunity to create a unique bottle with proceeds donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, but they also generously donated customized FTBC/SoulCycle bottles for our annual SoulCycle Charity Ride in November.”

– Steven Kolb, Chief Executive Officer, CFDA

“Spent time with our ten year old son this morning sharing your Water Aid resources which played nicely into a project at school and inspired a conversation about what our winery could do to help on a more global scale with issues like water.

So even though it might not always feel like it you should know your company is having an impact on the way people think about social responsibility and business. Way to go!”

“We have been using the his/her/ours bottles for the last month, and literally we talk about them every day. We are so incredibly impressed – we fill them up with cold water at night, and when we wake up, the water is still cold! Amazing! And they are perfect for the gym, for meetings, and for everything in our lives. We literally take them everywhere, and we didn’t expect such a simple gift to literally become such a big part of our every day lives.”

“OK, I have to admit I’m impressed with the S’well water bottle I have. Yesterday at noon I put some crushed ice in it and filled it with ice tea. I drank the tea yesterday, but when I came into work this morning, in a warm office building, the crushed ice from yesterday was still in the bottle, that did not have its cover on it all night. Nice product you have there.”

“The S’well bottles unique design and colors are so eye catching! Just when I buy a new one they come out with a color I want even more! Whenever I am walking to the streets of Chicago I always get a compliment. In the freezing winter I leave it in my car and my coffee stays piping hot. But what I really love about my bottle, besides the design, is that after a work out my water is still freezing cold.”

“My Swell bottle arrived today. Thank you. I’ve been looking for a reusable water bottle with a small mouth for a long time. Also I have worked for a public water utility for 30 years and feel so strongly about providing clean water so I’m also thrilled that you contribute to an organization that helps provide quality water to communities that otherwise would not have any. Thank you.”

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