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Not many product designers see a world of possibility in the trash, but for Adam Fetsch, empty bottles have provided the inspiration for a collection of creative home products. Fetsch was working in a restaurant when he noticed the enormous amount of waste, in the form of discarded wine bottles, generated every week. Although he wasn’t sure what he’d do with them at first, he collected as many bottles as he could, knowing a business idea wasn’t far behind.


Fetsch eventually settled on the concept of hand-crafted candles, with light and sophisticated wine-inspired scents, poured into the bases of the recycled bottles. He started pitching his product, which he dubbed Rewined, to stores throughout the shopping district of Charleston, his home base, and selling them at the Charleston Historic City Market. The response was fast and favorable, and Fetsch was able to turn his idea into a profitable business in just a few years’ time.



Nowadays, Rewined manufactures 1,400 candles per day in recycled wine-bottle bases (the tops are repurposed by Fischer Recycling into glass and concrete countertops and cutting boards), all in the company’s Charleston headquarters. A “candle crew” of 90 handles the entire process, from concept to packaging, all with materials sourced in the United States—including soybeans and cotton grown in the Midwest to create the wax to wicks for the candles.


As for the inspiration for the complex scents, including Chardonnay and Merlot, Amyleigh Pellegrino, Rewined’s marketing manager, explains, “We first turn to our glasses, literally! We reflect on what wine we’re currently loving and then dive deeper into wine trends and what types of wine we’re seeing on wine lists.” From there, the team researches the wines’ aromas and tasting notes, then sends detailed information to their fragrance house. Through a painstaking testing process that can encompass several rounds, custom blends are created, and the final scents blended with the wax before being hand-poured into the wine-bottle bases.


A social media–savvy company, Rewined takes customer feedback on everything from aromas to wick burning time and packaging seriously. This, and their commitment to constant experimentation and improvement, has led the company to develop limited-edition candles, like Rosé in an elegant, clear bottle, as well as offer larger, magnum sizes of their most popular fragrances—Pinot Noir, Champagne, and several seasonal scents. All come in design-minded, eco-friendly, recyclable packaging—perfect for holiday, birthday, and hostess gifts. Rewined candles are currently carried in 2,500 retail stores worldwide.



“The idea behind Rewined is celebration, and we want our additional products to be an extension of that idea,” explains Pellegrino of the company’s newest ventures: lifestyle products that complement their unique candles. The new collection includes luxe bar soaps, and rocks and tumbler glasses made from repurposed wine bottles. They’re also launching new sizes of their most popular seasonal scent, Spiked Cider, just in time for fall. And with price points between $9 and $45, there’s something for everyone on our holiday gift lists—and beyond.


For wholesale inquiries, visit their distributor’s website. 

—Robin Catalano 


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