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Rachel Shingleton isn’t just a successful, award-winning design blogger; she’s also a well-regarded graphic designer who offers a wealth of perky, vibrant desk accessories, tech goods, and home décor items for sale through her online shop, Pencil Shavings Studio. With products such as iPhone cases, pads and pencils, tabletop trays, decorative pillows, art prints, and washi tape, she’s tapped into a market of young, style-savvy professionals who, like the sunny Shingleton herself, have never met a color they didn’t love.

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Fresh off a visual communications degree from the University of Oklahoma and a variety of study-abroad programs in France, Shingleton started out as the graphic designer for a small apparel start-up. She went the freelance route a few years later, but after the 2007 birth of her son, and the accompanying lifestyle and identify shift, found herself ripe for reinvention. She started a blog, also called Pencil Shavings Studio, in 2008, which helped her expand her reach as a designer, flex her considerable muscles as a storyteller, and find new clients. It also allowed her to network with the larger community of work-at-home moms, many of whom are now blogging colleagues. A new Etsy shop—featuring products that are authentic to Shingleton’s lighthearted, color-happy aesthetic—followed soon after. It was an immediate hit, racking up 1,000 sales within the first year.

Pencil Shavings Studio Colorful Pencils

Seven years later, Shingleton is a favorite among home décor and DIY enthusiasts, and her décor blogging has been cited by venerable publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, HGTV Magazine, and Southern Living, as well as top blogs like DesignSponge, Domaine, and Rue Magazine. Her store now boasts a variety of collections, featuring her signature stripes, nautical themes, and simple yet striking gold-foil art. And with her second child born earlier this year, Shingleton’s fans are looking forward to her next incarnation—and the sure-to-follow personality-packed products that make going to the office feel a whole lot more fun.

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Visit the Pencil Shavings Studio website to view the entire collection. Or e-mail Rachel Shingleton to inquire about becoming a wholesaler.

-Robin Catalano

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