KeySmart: The Intelligently Simple Solution for Messy Keys

Leave it to an engineer to solve the most common of everyday problems. Michael Tunney, a Chicago-based mechanical engineer by training, took a look at the typical key ring—and its bulky, jangly, thigh- and purse-poking chaos of keys—and knew there was a better approach. He spent several weeks considering a way to neatly contain the keys, plus details like the ideal size and shape of the case, and the smooth operation of the keys within in, and came up with KeySmart, an innovative holder that’s been called the Swiss Army knife of key rings.


Tunney took his prototype onto Kickstarter in 2013, fully expecting success, but couldn’t have imagined the reaction his product received. At the end of the funding period, his product was one of Kickstarter’s top projects of all time, with $330,000 in pledges from hundreds of backers who were also looking to streamline their keys into a tidy package about the size of a pack of gum.


KeySmart holders are crafted out of ultralightweight, tumbled aluminum in a range of fun and fashionable colors, with hardware made of nearly indestructible stainless steel. They retail for $19.98 for the base model ($20.98 with extenders), or $29.98 for a sleek titanium version. Users can also purchase accessories like USB drives, bottle openers, or quick-release lanyards, to customize their KeySmart and double its functionality, and the cases can be engraved, for the ultimate in personalization. While they’re unisex in their appeal, KeySmart holders make especially good gifts for men, who are most likely to carry their keys in their pockets.


KeySmart is currently available in a wide variety of smaller boutiques, as well as large brick-and-mortar stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and online retail giant Amazon. New products are also in the pipeline, making KeySmart an everyday-products brand to watch over the next few years.


To become a KeySmart retailer, contact the company through its online inquiry form. 


—Robin Catalano 

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