Gloryhaus Memorabilia: Remembering the Things That Matter

“Home is where our story begins.” These words were not only on one of our first pieces of art, but were inspired because our story truly began in our home. In our home, in our hometown of Marietta, Georgia is where four friends’ creative hearts were knit together by a common passion to love the Lord. They also had a passion for art that was meaningful, yet fun. In 2008 the journey began for Glory Haus. We hope and pray that our art will touch your heart, bring joy, give hope in the Lord’s truth or simply bring beauty to your home, office or anywhere else where you reside.

Glory Haus began as these friends were looking for a way to supplement the family income. We were all well aware that this would not be easy, but with very hard work our dream came true. Glory Haus began as a developer and manufacturer of home décor gifts with inspirational sentiments and whimsical designs. In 2011 Glory Haus expanded with the Victory Haus line of licensed collegiate product which has become a major part of our business.

The Glory Haus design team collaborates weekly with their artists who interpret ideas into whimsical and inspirational pieces of art that do more than just hang on a wall or sit on your desk. They inspire hearts and positive energy. Testimonials come in weekly. We know it works.

We pride ourselves in our relationships with excellent sales rep groups and more than 8,000 retailers across the country. With showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Philadelphia, and opening in Las Vegas this year, Glory Haus has seen growth every year by providing inspirational product that fills a need in the hearts of our customers.

Currently, Glory Haus has manufactured over 1,500 different products with new products introduced throughout the year. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by producing the best product possible, shipping in a timely manner and selling at the right price.

Every member of the Glory Haus team is dedicated and passionate about our products and committed to serving our customers to their satisfaction.

At the Marietta Headquarters, fresh, healthy lunches are part of the lifestyle and free to all employees. Two part-time chefs plan meals, shop at the markets for the freshest fruits and vegetables and use grass-fed beef when possible. This helps in keeping employees healthy and adds time for all employees to gather, build relationships and share special occasions.

The Glory Haus mission: Community transformation that glorifies the Lord and changes lives through our work, art and relationships has been our focus from the beginning and by God’s grace has been fulfilled time and again.

One community Glory Haus is transforming is in India through an organization called Daughters of Hope, a fair trade, social enterprise providing training and employment to impoverished women. (See video on website.) Glory Haus committed to the development of the factory, training, free meals, daycare and many prayers that this mission might change lives by helping these women lift themselves out of poverty and gain self-respect and a future for them and their children. They currently produce all of the linens in the Glory Haus line.

Glory Haus is very proud to have been named one of the Top 25 Businesses of the Year by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and as a shining example of the power of free enterprise. “Cobb County’s small business owners belong to a very special group of courageous men and women who improve society, create opportunity for others, and contribute to Cobb County’s economy,” said Greg Morgan, 2013 Chairman and David Connell, President & CEO, “they represent the best of the best.” Glory Haus is humbled by this honor and know that hard work and perseverance have made the difference.

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