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Candles have been a mainstay in home décor for decades, and come in a dizzying array of colors, scents, and vessels. But while the containers and fragrances may have evolved, the candles themselves haven’t changed much over time. Drea Groeschel, founder of FlashPoint Candle, is on a mission to change that.



Groeschel, a former production designer for an apparel company, designs candles with multiple wicks that bring statement-making drama and ambience to a space. “My inspiration for FlashPoint was a desire to provide unique items to consumers, and my love for handmade original items that are beautiful and stunning, are surprising in scale or finish,” she says. She hit on the idea of hand-poured candles in reusable, handmade, drip-glazed ceramic pottery, and debuted her designs at local farmers’ markets.


From the beginning, Groeschel has focused on collaborating with fellow creatives. “I believe in showcasing talent. It’s hard as an artisan to gain ground in such a big market; entry costs are high. So I’ve teamed up with potters, artisans, and craftsmen that will amazes the senses and provide specialty product to our independent retailers.” These days, all designs are created in FlashPoint’s Nashville headquarters. The pottery is then hand-thrown and the candles—made of soy and soy blends, which are superior in quality to paraffin,and burn up to 75 hours, with natural cotton wicks—are hand-poured in facilities in Ohio.



Groeschel typically starts with a focal point such as a texture, finish, shape, or natural element. She explains, “I’m hyper–detail oriented, so I notice the little things. Like slicing into a pomegranate—you see beautiful textures and colors. At first glance, it may seem to be one deep merlot or burgundy color, but there are about 20 shades and tones of that color within the fruit. These are the types of details that inspire me to break off into a fully designed line.”


Fragrance development—one of Groeschel’s favorite parts of the process—is done in conjunction with several fragrance houses who work to Groeschel’s specifications to create clean, balanced scents that evoke a feeling of warmth, elegance, or earthiness. For the holidays, she’s created a timeless, full-bodied Juniper Cypress fragrance that comes in 6-wick, 12-wick, and 17-wick styles. While mesmerizing on their own, they’re even more arresting when arranged in multiples as a tablescape for dining, on a fireplace mantel, or on accent tables as seasonal vignettes.




FlashPoint candles are not only beautiful, but also add warmth to an interior that’s especially welcoming for everything for a romantic dinner for two to a dinner party for 20. “And don’t forget,” Groeschel observes, “everyone looks great in candlelight!”


Browse FlashPoint’s full collection on their website. Or e-mail the company for information about becoming a wholesaler.


—Robin Catalano

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