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Clarissa Tumblers: Elevating the Everyday

These days, it’s easy to find items and add-ons to personalize your favorite accessories and lifestyle products—think labels for kids’ lunch boxes, monogrammed accessory trays, bracelets and watches with interchangeable bands, or iPhone cases emblazoned with your favorite artist’s work. Clarissa Tumblers takes this idea one step farther with three levels personalization on perhaps the most universal of daily-use items: the reusable insulated tumbler.


In one of those can’t-make-this-up coincidences, Rachel West founded Clarissa in Alpharetta, Georgia, in 2008 while helping to brainstorm ideas for a product line for her friends’ business. She had long wanted to start her own company, and the idea of a product with wide-ranging and customizable designs held strong appeal for her artistic side. But she knew she had to create something different from the sea of breakable, made-in-China acrylic drinkware that had flooded the market—in both form and function.

Clarissa Tumblers Floral Blue Leopard

West started by researching plastics. “The plastic needed to be BPA-free, be able to be used for hot and cold drinks, be dishwasher safe, and, of course, be made in America,” she says. Eastman Chemical Company of Tennessee introduced her to their brand-new Tritan copolyester, which just happened to address each of West’s criteria, and everything clicked into place—literally and figuratively.


Clarissa Tumblers are made through a state-of-the-art ultrasonic welding process that creates a drop- and leak-proof beverage container that’s comfortable to hold without a sleeve, thanks to the insulating layer around the drink compartment. The tapered shape allows it to fit in virtually any car cup holder, and also makes it easier for little hands to wrap around. Over the past year, Clarissa has introduced an improved snap-in tumbler lid with a thumb-operated push-tab opening that can be used with or without a straw. At $15 dollars, complete with a lifetime guarantee, Clarissa Tumblers are one of the best values on the current gift market.

Clarissa Tumblers Just Be Green


But what makes Clarissa Tumblers stand out is the dizzying range of designs—from classic florals to pets, sports, outdoor fun, cheeky quotes and graphics, sequined monograms, and drinkware that celebrates special events, such as holidays and breast cancer awareness. The design process is one of West’s favorite parts of the business. “When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit! I have the great opportunity to work with some very talented artists.”




And if a customer can’t find a pre-made design they like, they can opt for yet another level of personalization: clear tumblers that they can personalize with Clarissa’s custom-cut vinyl decals. “Someone can choose a name or phrase or special design, and we’ve even done very complex text such as the Pledge of Allegiance on our 26-ounce tumbler,” West relates. “There is tremendous flexibility in personalization with our cut vinyl, which in turn allows our customers to order something very special to them all at the normal price of a tumbler.” Fully custom tumblers can also be created using a customer’s logo or artwork, which is then rendered onto an embroidered patch or a printed wrap insert and sealed inside the tumbler. It’s a terrific option for everything from corporate functions to company thank-you gifts, weddings, family reunions, and holiday gifts.

Clarissa Tumblers Hanukkah


Just in time for the holidays, Clarissa is offering dozens of new tumbler options, including cheery, whimsical illustrations by Tara Reed Designs. There’s a tumbler for every age group and gender, making Clarissa Tumblers a great option for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and beyond.


For more information about Clarissa Tumblers  or to inquire about becoming a wholesaler, visit their website.

—Robin Catalano

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