Bindo: the Hyperlocal Online Marketplace for Retailers


Bindo allows local retailers to participate in hyperlocal marketplaces.

Bindo allows local retailers to participate in hyperlocal marketplaces.

Retailers now have a new weapon in the ongoing battle against the Amazons, Overstocks, and WayFairs of the world:  Bindo  is actually a “Shop Local” association on steroids:  it provides the retailer with a POS system that is synched to the cloud in such a way that consumers can order products online and receive them…in many cases same-day…from their local retailers.

Bindo follows a long line of efforts to pump a local retailer’s offering up into the cloud.  Ten years ago, Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks) spent 60MM to purchase StepUp, software that harvested data from a retailer’s QuickBooks POS system and pushed it up to Google for better local rankings.  The retailer embrace didn’t meet Intuit’s expectations, however, and the acquisition was divested.  Soon after, eBay spent 75MM to purchase, a company that uploaded retailer inventory data to the cloud so that consumers could see who carried what nearby.  Retailers do not seem to have jumped on that bandwagon either.

Then, from the vendor side, came ShopaTron.  ShopaTron allowed vendors to host their own consumer-facing web sites with orders transmitted to the retailer closest to the consumer.   A definite step in the right direction, but still not a multi-vendor, infinite selection site like Amazon.

Then, on the Shop Local side, came Main and Me.  Main and Me showcases local merchandise, but is not connected to the retailer’s inventory and falls short of actualy transaction processing.

Bindo seems to have it all:  a consumer finds a product, verifies that a local purveyor stocks it, and orders.  What could be simpler?  Hopefully retailers will join these Hyperlocal Marketplaces, as it’s really their only hope to stay “top of mind” with the consumer who is becoming increasingly addicted to hearing the doorbell ring soon after clicking “Checkout” !


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