Julia Knight: An American In Paris

My favorite place in the world is Paris. I lived there for 2 years after college and had a whirlwind romance with a sexy Moroccan. We were so poor we just strolled the streets of Paris for entertainment. Even today I know Paris better than any city I’ve visited. My love affair with tableware began in this gorgeous city as Parisians love to entertain and cherish each time you sit down to a meal with them. (Check out my photo of Fauchon, an elegant French caterer used at our trade shows. In America they give you a hot dog and a diet coke!) At Fauchon we have an elegant salad of baby vegetables with a mustard vinaigrette, to be eaten with gold, plastic silverware.

My first morning I woke up in my favorite neighborhood St. Germain. Outside my window the Eiffel Tower graced the horizon with Paris spread out before her. First stop, breakfast at one of my favorite cafés, Deux Maggots, an herb omlette, and the perfect cure for jet-lag, a baguette shmeared an inch thick with French butter, and a diet coke (I’m still an American at heart). Parfait!

Time for work, we arrive at the Maison&Objet, I’m dressed in my most recent purchase from the day before, the red sheath made me feel confident and Parisian, ready to work! Little known fact, you cannot find M & M’s in Paris. They are an American delicacy and a MUST at every trade show! I’m pouring these little pieces of chocolate heaven into the Holly bowl. They were purchased at Costco the day before I left. (Yes, still a true American in Paris!)

The design show was an action packed extravaganza filled with customers from all over the globe. Retailers from Russia and Shanghai. Yacht designers from Monte Carlo. And famous interior designers from Switzerland. Every girls dream.

I was honored to be featured in ABC trade magazine with an article titled “Julia Knight-Every Moment of Life Should be a Party”. That is definitely my motto for living.

Time to shop…but we call it research at Julia Knight Collection. As many of you know I’ve been a leopard addict since I introduced my first leopard wrapped cocktail shaker in 2003. Since then, I’ve found many new and fashionable ways to reuse my favorite pattern in my wardrobe. I balance my passion for animal prints with a shimmery palate of neutrals, which you’ll see a lot of in our new collection for spring.

Next stop Cannes, and the gorgeous flower market, an obvious passion for me. The flowers beauty are only rivaled by the stunning beach views. The Mediterranean is the inspiration for Azure, one of our most popular colors.

My college roommate and I had a rare day together at the championship tennis courts at the Monte Carlo County Club. The court reminded me of our Spice hue which I love to pair with Azure.
I was in Cannes for the Mega-Yacht Show (yes, that’s the real name) to meet and greet yacht designers from all over the world. (Yacht designers, wow…I thought I had a great job!) Yachts are all about entertaining. So these trend makers need pieces that are substantial, unbreakable and of course beautiful. Many of our designs are inspired by the sea so we are a natural fit for these sailors. What could be better than cocktails on the aft deck at sunset nibbling shrimp out of our seahorse bowl?

Touring these exquisite works of art that float had me bursting with new ideas for our next collection.

From Paris to Cannes it was a trip filled with sunshine, beauty, old world charm and inspiration. The comforts of Paris cradled me on the final night as I prepared for my first journey to Russia. I had never been to Moscow but recently we launched a new venture with the premiere tableware stores in the country. I am grateful and humbled to be welcomed into a country whose classic opulence set the stage for modern design.

Another stamp in my passport and another incredible adventure. Thank you for joining me and supporting me on this fabulous journey.

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