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For thirty years spa owner Deanna Montrose has been offering paraffin wax and coconut oil treatments from her award-winning salon.  Her soothing concoction heats up in the microwave in two minutes.

Due to the complexity of administering a paraffin treatment in the salon — it takes two hours for it to heat in a pot, and “communal dips” are not sanitary — she developed a product that could easily be used in the comfort of one’s home.

Deanna recalls, ” One day I found myself scolding an aesthetician for a messy room and I realized it really wasn’t her fault; it was the application of paraffin wax.”   Thus gLove Treat was born.

gLove Treat currently resonates with a diverse audience.    Deanna notes, “The treatment is amazing, and paraffin is used in therapies for people who are diabetic or have had foot or hand surgery, or for people who have arthritis, muscle injuries, joint injuries.

It’s also in the spa and salon as a beauty treatment because it moisturizes the skin and it is deeply conditioning and skin-softening, so I wanted to create a better application.”

lLove comprises a glove and a boot that house a proprietary blend of paraffin wax,  coconut oil and a mild bit of lavender oil.

The company is penetrating the Gift Industry via  reps, and is also aiming to expand into the medical field.  They received a big boost when they  were featured on Oprah’s O-List for January 2016 “All about wellness”.


For more info:

Paraffin International, Inc.

275 N. Gateway Drive, #131

Phoenix, AZ 85034

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